Raphael Spreitzer

Raphael Spreitzer

Researcher (Security & Privacy)

IAIK, Graz University of Technology


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Secure Systems group at IAIK, Graz University of Technology. My main research interests are information security with a special focus on side-channel attacks on mobile devices, e.g., cache attacks and sensor-based attacks, and practical applications of privacy-enhancing technologies. I obtained a PhD degree (Dr. techn.) in computer science with distinction from Graz University of Technology in 2017. Before, I finished the master's programme Software Engineering and Management with distinction at Graz University of Technology.

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Below you can find a list of my publications.

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Conference Papers
2018 Samuel Weiser, Andreas Zankl, Raphael Spreitzer, Katja Miller, Stefan Mangard, Georg Sigl - "DATA - Differential Address Trace Analysis: Finding Address-based Side-Channels in Binaries" - USENIX Security 2018.
2018 Raphael Spreitzer, Gerald Palfinger, Stefan Mangard - "SCAnDroid: Automated Side-Channel Analysis of Android APIs" - WISEC 2018.
2018 Johannes Feichtner, David Missmann, Raphael Spreitzer - "Automated Binary Analysis on iOS - A Case Study on Cryptographic Misuse in iOS Applications" - WISEC 2018.
2018 Raphael Spreitzer, Felix Kirchengast, Daniel Gruss, Stefan Mangard - "ProcHarvester: Fully Automated Analysis of Procfs Side-Channel Leaks on Android" - ASIACCS 2018.
2018 Samuel Weiser, Raphael Spreitzer, Lukas Bodner - "Single Trace Attack Against RSA Key Generation in Intel SGX SSL" - ASIACCS 2018.
2018 Michael Schwarz, Moritz Lipp, Daniel Gruss, Samuel Weiser, Clémentine Maurice, Raphael Spreitzer, Stefan Mangard - "KeyDrown: Eliminating Software-Based Keystroke Timing Side-Channel Attacks" - NDSS 2018.
2016 Daniel Slamanig, Raphael Spreitzer, Thomas Unterluggauer - "Linking-Based Revocation for Group Signatures: A Pragmatic Approach for Efficient Revocation Checks" - Mycrypt 2016.
2016 Moritz Lipp, Daniel Gruss, Raphael Spreitzer, Clémentine Maurice, Stefan Mangard - "ARMageddon: Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices" - USENIX Security 2016.
2016 Raphael Spreitzer, Simone Griesmayr, Thomas Korak, Stefan Mangard - "Exploiting Data-Usage Statistics for Website Fingerprinting Attacks on Android" - WISEC 2016.
2016 Olivier Blazy, David Derler, Daniel Slamanig, Raphael Spreitzer - "Non-Interactive Plaintext (In-)Equality Proofs and Group Signatures with Verifiable Controllable Linkability" - CT-RSA 2016.
2015 Hannes Gross, Marko Hölbl, Daniel Slamanig, Raphael Spreitzer - "Privacy-Aware Authentication in the Internet of Things" - CANS 2015.
2015 Lukas Zoscher, Jasmin Grosinger, Raphael Spreitzer, Ulrich Muehlmann, Hannes Gross, Wolfgang Bösch - "Concept for a Security Aware Automatic Fare Collection System Using HF/UHF Dual Band RFID Transponders" - ESSDERC 2015.
2015 Daniel Gruss, Raphael Spreitzer, Stefan Mangard - "Cache Template Attacks: Automating Attacks on Inclusive Last-Level Caches" - USENIX Security 2015.
2014 Raphael Spreitzer - "PIN Skimming: Exploiting the Ambient-Light Sensor in Mobile Devices" - SPSM@CCS 2014.
2014 Daniel Slamanig, Raphael Spreitzer, Thomas Unterluggauer - "Adding Controllable Linkability to Pairing-Based Group Signatures for Free" - ISC 2014.
2014 Raphael Spreitzer, Benoît Gérard - "Towards More Practical Time-Driven Cache Attacks" - WISTP 2014.
2014 Raphael Spreitzer, Jörn-Marc Schmidt - "Group-Signature Schemes on Constrained Devices: The Gap Between Theory and Practice" - CS2@HiPEAC 2014.
2013 Raphael Spreitzer, Thomas Plos - "On the Applicability of Time-Driven Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices" - NSS 2013.
2013 Raphael Spreitzer, Thomas Plos - "Cache-Access Pattern Attack on Disaligned AES T-Tables" - COSADE 2013.
Journal Papers
2018 Raphael Spreitzer, Veelasha Moonsamy, Thomas Korak, Stefan Mangard - "Systematic Classification of Side-Channel Attacks: A Case Study for Mobile Devices" - IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 20(1), 2018.
2016 Lukas Zoscher, Raphael Spreitzer, Hannes Gross, Jasmin Grosinger, Ulrich Muehlmann, Dominik Amschl, Hubert Watzinger, Wolfgang Bösch - "HF/UHF Dual Band RFID Transponders for an Information-Driven Public Transportation System" - Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, 133(3), 2016.
Talks (w/o Proceedings)
2016 Raphael Spreitzer - "Android Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses" - Panel discussion at WISEC 2016, Darmstadt, Germany, July 18, 2016.
2014 Raphael Spreitzer - "PIN Skimming: Exploiting the Ambient-Light Sensor in Mobile Devices" - Summer School on Smart & Mobile Device Security and Privacy 2014, Padua, Italy, September 5, 2014.
2014 Raphael Spreitzer - "Attack Scenarios in RFID Applications" - RFIDeas 2014, Graz, Austria, May 21, 2014.
2017 Raphael Spreitzer - "Enhancements for Group Signatures and Side-Channel Attacks on Mobile Devices" - PhD Thesis, Graz University of Technology, 2017.
2012 Raphael Spreitzer - "On the Applicability of Cache Attacks on Mobile Devices" - Master's Thesis, Graz University of Technology, 2012.